With the relationships of reconstruction of the temple, get a hold of subsequent the new note with the Jn 2:20

The favorable Tribulation. fourteen f “If you see brand new desolating abomination position * where the guy shouldn’t (let the viewer discover), following those in Judea need to flee on the slopes, grams 15 [and] a man on the a beneficial housetop shouldn’t drop otherwise enter into to track down anything out of his home, h 16 and a member of a field shouldn’t get back to track down his cloak. 17 Woe to help you expecting mothers and you will nursing mothers then though. 18 Pray that the doesn’t happen in cold weather. 19 For those times gets tribulation such as for example hasn’t started since the beginning away from God’s manufacturing so far, nor actually is. i 20 In the event the Lord had not reduced days past, no one would-be stored; but also for the latest benefit of the decide which he chosen, he performed reduce the days. 21 In the event the anyone says to then you certainly, ‘Search, this is the Messiah! ‘ don’t accept it. twenty-two Not true messiahs and not the case prophets often develop and will do cues and you may wonders to mislead, if that was indeed you can, the brand new elect. 23 Become observant! I have advised all of it for you ahead of time.

twenty six * l And then they will certainly get a hold of ‘the fresh Kid off Guy coming in the new clouds’ having great-power and you will glory, twenty-seven and then he will send from angels and collect [his] choose on the five wind gusts, about stop of your own planet to your end of your own heavens. Læs mere