Identify the relationship anywhere between strength and you may magnetism

Recognize everyday behavior one to render a healthy body (elizabeth.g., a well-balanced diet, drinking clean liquids, exercising frequently, brushing pearly whites, bringing sufficient bed)

Select prominent food supply used in a well-balanced diet plan (age.g., fruits, create, cereals, whole milk and you will animal meat category) and their relative dimensions.

Identify the constituents out of a balanced diet plan to possess people as the plus proteins, carbohydrates, oils and you can oil, water, vitamins (limited by calcium supplements and you may iron) and you may nutritional elements (simply for A beneficial, C and D), and you may determine the new attributes of these diet.

Separate anywhere between infectious and low-contagious diseases and you can connect the transmission regarding common communicable disorder so you’re able to people get in touch with and you will identify certain ways of preventing their indication. Læs mere