So you may thought the kids love him

Even though they are maybe not in person hurting her or him otherwise belittling her or him does not mean they are not scared regarding him otherwise dislike him. He’s injuring the Mommy, anyone they like more than anything internationally! Viewing the essential liked person in the business are mistreated was exactly as crappy as being abused. They think powerless. You are setting him or her upwards forever of damage.

If you truly want to do good by your children LET GO of this man. TRULY put your children’s needs in front of yours. Get help. My mother is still with my father. And she still uses the excuse she is with him “for the children” (we are all grown adults). I want to shake reality into her and say if you wanted what was best “for the children” you would have run far and fast away from that man. But she didn’t make that choice. I am begging you to please make that choice for your children. Show them they mean so much more to you and your heart than a hateful man. Give them some of their self-worth back. Make them your priority and you will only benefit from it. I promise you! Please <3

Including manage harbor just a bit of bitterness that he even are trying to go out online (where i came across) as he must know the guy don’t provides a bona-fide dating

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