The revised ending, sopra which Arthur returns Golagros’s lands, vindicates both Arthur’s pre-eminence and virtue and Golagros’s claims to sovereignty

Mediante giving his men the opportunity esatto renounce their ties preciso him before he vows fealty puro Gawain, Golagros acknowledges his people’s right sicuro political freedom. Sopra return, his people respond with a heart-warming and, one could argue, equally Scottish medieval trait of loyalty to their own royal line ‘for chance that may cheif’ (line 1193).

Conclusion It has been observed that ‘the stories of Wallace and Bruce were more central onesto the Scottish imagination than were the stories of Arthur’.40 The Golagros-poet’s treatment of his Arthurian material seems preciso bear this out. Per ‘scotticizing’ his 38

Malory seems esatto have believed that the Scots were the greatest threat facing the English mediante the fifteenth century; con direct contrast with English opinion during the reign of Edward I, Malory saw the Scots as neither despicable nor easily conquered

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